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Nail Artist in Ahmedabad

Artificial nails, often known as nail extensions, are glued onto a person's natural nails and finished with gel or varnish. Tip extensions cover just the free end of a nail, whereas full coverage forms cover the complete nail. You may have nail extensions professionally applied at a nail salon, or you can buy them and use them yourself. You should carefully consider whether nail extensions suit you since they tend to last for a while.

Options for Nail Art Extensions of All Kinds

Nail extensions come in various styles; picking the best for you depends on your needs. However, we can assist you by providing a list of the top options for nail extensions; read on to find out more.

Acrylic Extensions

The gel is then painted into natural nails and cures without a UV or LED lamp. Nail extensions made of durable acrylic are an excellent choice for those whose natural nails are fragile or brittle. Forms or any plastic nail tip may be used to construct the extensions at a nail salon. Find the best Nail Art Academy.

Nail polish with gel

Gel nail paint is a modern variant of acrylics' age-old nail art staple. So, tell me, how does gel polish differ from traditional nail polish? In contrast to conventional nail polish, gel nail polish must be cured with a UV or LED light before it can be worn.

Press on Nails

Press-on nails, often called glue-on nails, were all the rage in the late '90s and early '00s. Artificial acrylic nails like these are prefabricated, so all the customer needs to do is glue them over their nails.


Nail Art Academy

At Nails by Bhumi, you will find a wide selection of nail extension services performed by trained Nail Artist in Ahmedabad using only high-quality materials. The gel nail paint has a significantly longer lifespan than traditional nail polish, allowing you to wear it for weeks. Also, avoid getting breathing nails on your nails. If you love nail art and want to learn some of the latest nail art techniques, you can come to us at the best nail art academy Nails by Bhumi.

Only after your nails have grown too long will you need to have them altered or removed. Polish is an excellent option if you want to grow out your natural nails.


Gel polish


Gum gel extension

Gel acrylic extension

Press on Nails

Soft get extension